UK Direct Airways


1998 - 2012... and beyond

British Virtual Airline for Microsoft
Flight Simulator 98, 2000, 2002, FS9 & FSX

Independent Airline and proud of it !

Through the Years UKDirect Airways (virtual) has taken on many forms and been active through thick and thin. Web sites have come and gone, but we've always had a Web Presence, with various General Mangers/Web Masters holding the fort.
The 3rd Generation of UKDirect Airways has now emerged and is open for business.
There are limited places for prospective virtual pilots so hurry !

Original Site 1998-2003

This was the original site with its first original TLD Domain.
1998 - 2003
(open for viewing)
UKDirects home 2004-2011

Our web presence for a long time with good new styles.
2004 - 2011
(not open yet)
The NEW UKDIRECT Web Site 2012 -

The NEW UKDirect Airways site. You must visit !
2012 -

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